since 2001

GBC Networks Oy

Telephone system and voip service provider since 2001. GBC Networks Oy is a Finnish service operator owned by Taronga Development, Innovestor ventures and the company's senior management.

GBC specializes in providing versatile telecommunications services to companies - we are an innovative partner that delivers services enabled by modern technology at competitive prices.

We produce the VoIP telephone system and operator services as a whole. This allows us to produce a solution that is maintained for each of our customers, as well as a solution that meets needs, and that is able to connect the functionalities that are relevant to our availability.

If you need a modern and cost-effective communication solution for your company's communications, please contact us. We also use the white label model to implement our solutions for ice sales.

We invest heavily in customer satisfaction. When designing all solutions, user-friendliness and ease of use are primarily taken into account. In line with GBC's principles, each customer is provided with a tangible advantage of the customer in the form of customer satisfaction and innovative service.

  • Our mobile PBX is operator-independent.
  • Transparent pricing.
  • Easy to use

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