Hosted Telephone Attendant

Our service package also includes Hosted Telephone Attendant.

Hosted Telephone Attendant

Hosted Telephone Attendant frees up resources for your PBX management. GBC's Hosted Telephone Attendant service can be connected to all our customers and new customers. Hosted Telephone Attendant helps our customer's organization to focus on the implementation of its own core business.

Each solution is tailored to serve the customer in the best possible way. The presence service can be built as an overflow or as a centralized overall solution.


  • Calls can be forwarded, or to take a message and send an email, or sms
  • Saves human resources
  • Service operates 24/7
  • The service is paid by use
  • Service languages: Finnish, Swedish and English
  • Speech menus and queue announcements
  • Reports

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