Integrations for voice services

We implement telephone switchboard integrations with all systems. according to the customer's needs.


Call information can be saved to local or cloud CRM systems including recordings, cdr data and triggered services such as tickets. For example, an incoming call opens a customer card, and you can call from CRM by clicking on the phone number. Calls can retrieve information about a customer from a CRM solution or, for example, from a customer information, so that you don't have to update the information in more places. Integrations are also easily customizable.

Case Fenno

Voice traffic was integrated into the new system.

Fennoa Oy is a fully finnish privately owned company founded in January 2014. The company's product, Fennoa, is the total solution for financial management for accounting firms and their customers. Fennoa includes a number of different functions as an efficient whole, which achieves a completely seamless sharing between the accounting firm and their customers.

In the spring of 2019 Fennoa Oy introduced the Live Agent customer service system, and the aim was also to integrate call traffic into the new system. The solution was GBC's SIP-trunk.

"We are better able to serve our customers when all contact channels can be found in one place. Connecting call traffic to the new system was very easy with GBC SIP-trunk, and our customers' familiar old 010 company number turned smoothly from the former operator to GBC. The sound quality and overall functionality is now excellent, clearly better than the mobile switching we used in the past. The price is also right," says Mikko Kalliovaara, Ceo of Fennoa.

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