Customer examples

Below are some of our customers

We have customers of all sizes, from a variety of industries. Below are some examples of customer implementations.


SIP-trunk Live Agent customer service system

Fennoa Oy is a fully finnish privately owned company founded in January 2014. The company's product, Fennoa, is the total solution for financial management for accounting firms and their customers. Fennoa includes a number of different functions as an efficient whole, which achieves a completely seamless sharing between the accounting firm and their customers.

In the spring of 2019 Fennoa Oy introduced the Live Agent customer service system, and the aim was also to integrate voice traffic into the new system. The solution was GBC's SIP-trunk.

"We are better able to serve our customers when all contact channels can be found in one place. Connecting call traffic to the new system was very easy with GBC SIP-trunk, and our customers' familiar old 010 company number turned smoothly from the former operator to GBC. The sound quality and overall functionality is now excellent, clearly better than the mobile switching we used in the past. The price is also right," says Mikko Kalliovaara, Ceo of Fennoa.

Leader Foods Oy

Leader Foods Oy is a Finnish food business founded in 2001. We manufacture and market high-quality, protein-rich foods, health products, vitamins and sports nutrients, as well as superfoods. All Leader products are manufactured in Finland in their own factories. The company employs 80 people in Finland and Sweden.

Availability, the lightness of the system and usability was the starting point when we started to build Leader Foods' PBX service. Being available to this customer means that no contact is ignored. If no response is provided, the staff will be reminded by sms that there has been a failure to respond to a contact.

The system is very light and easy to deploy. The system was built on top of existing mobile subscriptions. GBC Networks mobile exchange when working perfectly together with all operators' interfaces.

Finnish Guardians

The Finnish Security Guards specialise in the security services of housing companies. The combined service concept brings a new and cost-effective overall service to housing companies for parking control and security services.

The Finnish security guards needed an automatic voice mail service and company numbering to handle a significant number of calls. In the past, the response service was processed without a presence service that was not sufficient for current needs.

The solution was GBC Networks IVR and the operator service. According to the customer's wishes, voice menus and company numbers for security services and parking control were implemented for Finnish security guards.

The solution was implemented on a fast schedule and the customer received a presence service in just over a week on request.


Rockwool® is a Danish company founded in 1937.

ROCKWOOL invests heavily in product development and research. The development of environmentally friendly, fire-proof and energy-efficient products and solutions is the guiding idea of operations.

ROCKWOOL started its business in Finland in 2003. The company's customer base consists of wholesale and building equipment stores, construction and insulation companies, prefabricated and building factories.

During the summer, GBC Networks has delivered rockwool's telephone system, data connections and overflow service as an overflow service. The change resulted in cost-effective upgrades of ROCKWOOL's telephone systems. At the same time, several different service providers were eliminated.

The introduction of the telephone system and data connections was gradually managed during the summer without interruption.